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The "Smart" Patio Cover Shading System - Both a Roof and a Patio Cover at the Same Time!

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Solara Adjustable Patio Covers

Solara Patio Cover

The "Smart" Shading System!

The use of a porch can be problematic since its use is subject to weather changes. During the summer, strong sun during the day and humidity at night; during the winter, rain and moisture. There are a number of solutions available in today's market, beginning with a clapboard roof and through canvas awnings, wooden gazebos and aluminum patio covers, but most offer only partial solutions to weather problems and maintenance.

The "smart" patio cover, manufactured by Solara, lets you enjoy the best of all worlds, all seasons.

The patio cover is dynamic and can be transformed according to weather conditions and your demands.

This means that you are in charge of the amount of light and shade you wish to receive, including protection from rain and humidity, while not giving up a refreshing summer breeze.

Solara's patio cover is made of aluminum (including the roof shutters, which open and close as you desire), and therefore requires little to no maintenance!!!

Solara's "smart" patio cover enables you to significantly increase your living space and quality of life during the warm summer days as well as during the colder and rainy winter season.

Our customers like to say, "We live on our porch"!!!!

Solara's smart patio cover system allows you to control the amount of sunlight or shade you want.
The system can also be used for the garden, or as a gazebo for a hot tub or spa. This way you can enjoy the combination of the magnificent design, with the convenience of an adjustable cover.


Solara is a manufacturer of a unique patio cover.

Patio covers are exposed to different weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, rain, and humidity. Because Solara patio covers are made entirely out of aluminum, they are superior to wood, iron or steel covers. They will never rust, are not susceptible to termites, plus you will never have to paint them. Occasional cleaning with soapy water is all that is needed.

Another advantage that Solara offers on other products is the option to control the patio cover roof. When it's raining, you can close it, keeping your outdoor patio furniture, spa or hot tub covered. When a warm winter sun comes out, you can open the top louvers using a remote control and let in up to 98% direct sunlight, exactly where you want it to reach.

And, of course, when the summer sun is too strong, you can choose to let in as little light as you would like through the louvers, up to 100% shade while maintaining maximal ventilation.


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